Valentino Valentino Valentino high light shade makeup liquid foundation 25ml SPF25

Color, size, La1 warm - suitable for natural white complexion, La2 warm - suitable for warm natural complexion, La3 warm - suitable for warm healthy complexion, LA4 warm - suitable for warm wheat complexion, LA5 warm, ligr1 cold, ligr2 cold, ligr3 cold, ligr4 cold, ligr5 cold, ln1 medium, LN2 neutral - suitable for fair complexion, Ln3 neutral - suitable for neutral natural complexion, ln4 neutral - suitable for neutral healthy complexion, MA1 warm, ma2 warm, Ma3 warm, Mn1 neutral regulation, Mn2 neutral regulation, Mn3 neutral regulation, MR1 cold regulation, MR2 cold regulation, mr3 cold regulation,,,

The clothes are very light and breathable. The clothes are really good. They are breathable and light. They must be very good for business. Self operated shopping is fast. On the 2nd of the National Day holiday, I was going to ride in the mountainous areas of Southern Anhui. I had to change my sunscreen clothes, so I delivered it soon. The quality of the clothes is OK. The biggest size is a little shrunk. It's better to be bigger. For the sake of traveling, the quality is very good, soft and comfortable, and the express delivery is very awesome. It is delivered to Guizhou for second days. The ultraviolet ray is strong, which can resist some ultraviolet rays, and this season is very suitable for wearing thin.

Mask artifact inner support silicone mouth and nose inner support anti stuffy makeup removal artifact 3D three-dimensional breathable children's support washable custom bodengju

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